Visiting Seattle? Here are some great places to stay, visit and dine. These places are owned and operated by our most artistic and eclectic friends. Enjoy! --An artistic and eccentric B & B in quiet, centrally located Beacon Hill.  Local artists Shannon and Bruce Anderson (creators of the Georgetown Trailer park) hand crafted this cute gem of a place to stay. A melding of the south and northwest, Shannon Anderson's  Texas charm mixed with Seattle artist Bruce Anderson aesthetic is a great alternative to your typical B & B. --Best food in town! Local celebrity chef Heather Earnhardt works her magic in this cozy cafe that is loaded with southern charm. The only place in town to get a HUGE, mouth watering piece of cake. Her biscuit sandwiches are to die for! --Most artistic, counter culture vibe is in Georgetown. A gem to check out! This area  will never "gentrify" due to the airplanes that buzz over it's industrial paradise. We love Georgetown. Seattlite angst at it's best. Dark, dirty...home.  --Great Carolina style barbecue and fix'in's. Located in between Ballard and Fremont. Awesome local vibe meets "pig pick'in" at it's best. Celebrity chef Mike Law created a Carolina style "hipster" hang out that will satisfy your soul food craving and make you feel like Bukowski as you slowly get smashed on heavily poured whiskey.