Leather Swatches (edited 4/23/2017) Actual leather color may vary due to your devices display or dye lot variation.

Italian Amethyst

Niagara Blue

Macpherson's rustic blue

Rustic wax brown

Blue "hair on" cowhide

Lime Green

Metallic Platinum

Macpherson's Charcoal

Macpherson's full grain black

Milan Red

Italian vintage pink

Macpherson's Italian black

Rustic Chocolate, Parliament Fox, and Northwest Grey

Rustic Caramel

Capri Whiskey 

Dark olive green 

Matte pebble teal 

Absolute black 

Black Phoenix

McPherson's Charcoal Playa

Relic and Pebble white
Pompeii opal umber, bronze(OUT OF BRONZE), and Variegated Moss green. 

Elephant grey with taupe hue

Examples of  leather combinations

Taupe with pebble black

Absolute Red

San Marino Taupe


British tan


 Crackled dark olive

 Crackled tan


(our newest dye lot is a bit more 
blue than green toned)

  Capri Saddle

 Thick rustic pumpkin

Pink suede cowhide with ostrich embossed stripes

 Havana Gator print cowhide

 Cognac gator print cowhide

 Capri Cranberry

 Pompeii Opalo
(a dark, umber brown)

 Bark- light brown

 Pompeii Tigers eye